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Date of First Publication: 2074-06-10(26 ~ ~ Septembe ,2017)

Name of Contract: Supply, Delivery , Installation, Testing &~Commissioning of 110 V MFVRLA Battery Bank &~ 80  ~A Battery Charger at 33/11 kv ~ Tilkaini, Damak, Khanar &~ Inerwa ~  ~S/S

Contract Identification No: NEA- BRO-2074/075-04

  1. Nepal Electricity Authority, Distribution and Consumer Services Directorate, Biratnagar Regional Office, Biratnagar ~ invites sealed National competitive Bids (NCB) from eligible registered &~ experienced bidders: person, firm, institution, company, manufacturers or their authorized representatives for the WORKS as mentioned in the table given below, to be carried out for ~ 33/11 kv Tilkaini, Damak, Khanar &~ Inarwa ~ ~ Substation.
  2. A complete set of Bid Documents may be purchased during office hours on all working days by any eligible Bidder upon submission of a written application to the address given below accompanied by attested copies of Valid Firm Registration Certificate, PAN &~ VAT Registration Certificate, upto date Tax Clearance Certificate &~ a non-refundable bank voucher of amount as mentioned below for deposited in NEA, Biratnagar Regional Office , Biratnagar ~ A/C No.0706017500018  ~at Nabil Bank, Biratnagar, Morang, Nepal. The bidding document shall also be available on NEA website Those bidders who wish for e-bidding may obtain further information pertaining to bid from this website.
  3. For the Purpose of the bidders who choose to submit their bid electronically through e-procurement section of NEA website, the bidders may either purchase the hard copy of the bidding documents directly from the office or download the necessary parts of the bidding documents from the website, prepare their bid and submit their electronic bids as specified in the instruction to bidders.
  4. All Bids accompanied by a Bid Bond of an amount not less than NRs 1,15,660/- must be delivered to the office of Biratnagar Regional Office, Biratnagar, Morang, Nepal in accordance with the &ldquo~Instructions to Bidders&rdquo~ of Bid Document before the time &~ date given below. Alternatively, bidders may submit their bid electronically through e-procurement section in NEA website as specified in the instruction to bidders. The bidder shall be required to submit an electronic scanned copy (*.pdf format) of the bank deposit voucher of non refundable fee stated below with the electronic bid files. Documents received after this deadline shall not be accepted. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ If bidder wishes to submit the Bid Security in the form of cash, the cash should be deposited in NEA, Biratnagar Regional Office , Biratnagar, Morang ~ A/C No. 0706017500016 at ~ Nabil Bank, Biratnagar, Morang , Nepal  ~and submit the receipt of the deposited amount of cash along with the bid.
  5. Sealed Tenders must be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of ~ bid opening and the bid security must be valid for 120 days from the last date of bid submission.
  6. Bids shall be opened at stipulated time and date given below at the office of ~ Biratnagar Regional Office, Biratnagar , Morang, Nepal in the presence/absence of the authorized representatives of the Bidders who choose to be present.
  7. The bidder has to submit all necessary documents, required to establish his technical capability, qualification and eligibility, in accordance with the "~Instruction to Bidders"~ and "~Bidding Data"~ of bid document (to be substantially responsive bidder) in the same single envelop.
  8. If the last date of bid purchasing, submission and/or opening happens to be a public holiday, the same will be done on the next working day.
  9. NEA shall not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by Bidders in connection with the purchase, preparation or submission of Bid.
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